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Élever Luminous Visage Revitalizing Lotion

Inspired by Radiance Luminous Rejuvenate Technology and designed to improve all aspects of a perfect complexion.
It helps to improve the appearance of the skin while leaving it soothed, smoothed and moisturized. Its Radiance luminous rejuvenate technology formula improves skin texture and tone for a more radiant complexion.
This stunningly rejuvenating lotiont provides a plump, bouncy, and hydrated complexion.

Product Details

Light-weight & easily absorbed formula
Leave skin  velvety soft and provide a plump, moisturized and smooth complexion while leaving the skin gorgeous and glowing

Hydrate and smooth skin
Anti-wrinkle and hydration qualities that preserve the skin from the assault of time while leaving the skin free of fine lines and wrinkles, for a smoother and brighter appearance.

Moisturize and brighten visage
Rich in moisturizing ingredients and turn stressed skin into a hydrated and bright complexion.  Prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines while reducing surface imperfections of the skin. Purify the skin and create a brighter, tighter, and more toned visage.


Radiance luminous rejuvenate technology
Ingredient with evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract, offer radiant complexion by enhancing skin color and luminosity. It help enhances micro-circulation and  bringing blood flow to the surface layers of the skin. It fights dullness and refines skin texture. 

Macadamia Oil
Enriched in palmitoleic acid and absorbs quickly into the skin to replenish the skin's protective barrier against moisture loss, leaving the skin deeply hydrated, rejuvenated and plumped.

Hydrolyzed jojoba esters
Penetrate the skin for deep hydration. Lock in moisture, keeping skin feeling soft and supple.

Help strengthen skin's supportive elements and increase the skin collagen synthesis, rejuvenating and help  skin for a natural, firm and delicate feeling. 

Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein
Plant-derived protein with anti-aging effects while rejuvenating and conditioning skin to give your skin new elasticity and strength

How to use

Apply to cleansed face & gently massage into skin with circular motionsuntil completely absorbed.

Skin Type

For all skin types