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Moisturizing Baby Lotion

The formula of natural ingredients gently hydrates and protects baby's delicate skin.

The light-texture lotion helps for the hydration barrier of skin and works wonderfully for bedtime massage to make the baby feel relaxed and comfortable
Gently nourish your baby's delicate skin with this super-moisturizing lotion

Product Details

Leaves skin well hydrated
Seals in moisture leaving baby's skin soft and smooth

Soothe and nourish the skin
Leaves skin smooth and calmed while keeping skin's moisture balance.

Rapidly absorbing
Absorbs into the skin quickly without a trace of stickiness


Scents Available

Honey Rice



Calendula Extract
Refresh and moisturize for baby's skin while nourishing, soothing and also stimulating natural skin functions

ProVitamin B5
Deeply penetrates the skin, delivering essential moisture that helps hydrate and soothe skin

Macadamia Oil
Replenish the skin's protective barrier while leaving the skin deeply hydrated

How to use

Apply over the entire body after bathing/showering.
Pour baby lotion into your hand. Rub both hands together to warm lotion and massage into the skin lightly.

Skin Type

All skin types