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Body Elasticity Cream

Developed to gently moisturize the skin and enhances body skin elasticity

Tightens and hydrates skin to reveal it's resiliency, elasticity, and firmness

Product Details

Improve your skin's elasticity and texture.  Non-greasy and quickly absorbed formulation, it makes you feel the joy of firming skin while maintaining suppleness all day long.

Light and Soft Texture
Easy to apply with a smooth texture, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh

Non-greasy & Fast-absorbing
Absorb quickly without leaving a sticky residue for healthy-looking

Stimulate firmness of skin
Feel skin tighten and look instantly smoother and firmer



Centella Extract
Hydrates and boosts radiance while helping to lift & firm the skin, 

Horse Chestnut Extract
Brighten and firm skin for a radiant appearance

Helps to stimulate the skin to increase firmness

How to use

1. Apply Body Elasticity Cream on clean and dry skin twice a day.
2. Massage with soft circular movements. Massage and gently stretch the skin just as far as it goes without pain.
3. Massage until completely absorbed.

Skin Type

For all skin types.
Recommended for daily skin care as a firming therapy for use.

Applied Area:
Buttocks, Hips & Thighs, back and upper arms