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Firming Essence

Hydrolyzed soy protein base formula promotes firmness and flexibility  

Improve the shape of your breasts and makes your skin firmer Enhance the beauty of the breast, plumper, smoother and perkier appearance

Product Details

Nourishing active plant extracts helps visibly enhance the skin with firming and keeps skin elasticity, moist and youthful.

Lifting and Maintaining
Lifting your breasts and maintaining back into a great, young-looking shape

Better Breast Contours
Help you to achieve naturally fuller, firmer, more toned breasts

Keeps Skin Hydrated
Softens and locks in moisture Firm and tone your bust



Kigelia Africana Fruit
Improve firmness and elasticity of the skin

Quillaja Saponaria Bark
Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
Plump skin and increased skin's density

How to use

1. Apply it twice per day for better results.
2. Gently massage into the breasts in circles, working from the base up, avoiding the nipples.
3. Start from beneath the bust and move upwards towards the neck.

Skin Type

For all skin types.
Specially formulated for breast, neck and neckline.
Suitable for use after pregnancy, breast-feeding, sudden weight loss or during the natural ageing process.

Applied Area:
Breast, neck and neckline