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Feminine Wash

Excellent solution to maintian your natural vaginal PH 
Free from infection and itching 

Perfectly balance the pH level. Keep you fresh all day long.

Product Details

The SOAP-FREE formulation gently cleanses the intimate area.   Contain lactic acid to maintain the natural vaginal acidity.  Protect against odor-causing bacteria.  

Amino acid cleansing formula pH4.0
Designed to cleanse, freshen and minimize odor and protect the intimate area 

Stay cool and clean
Keep you free from irritation and unwanted odor

Free from soap and colorants
Contribute to a healthy skin barrier



Natural lactic acid & citric acid
Stabilize pH to help alleviate and prevent irritation

Aloe Vera
Soothing, cooling & moisturizing effects for relieving skin discomfort 

Help to soothe irritations and protect the skin    

How to use

Pour a small amount onto your hand, washcloth, or shower pouf.
Apply gently to wet skin. Rinse.
Suitable for daily use
During menstruation
After aerobics and sporting activity
During vaginal sensitivity
After intercourse

Skin Type

For all skin types