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Jasmine Intensive Firming Shower Gel

Cleanses and hydrates the skin with delicate fragrance.
Rich in organic jasmine.
Nourishes and boosts skin elasticity and firming contour.

Product Details

  The luxurious shower gel enriched with organic ingredients of jasmine, aloe and orange water. The designed formula also contains actives for skin firming and tight, and skin is left beautiful fragrant after bath.
  The ultra-care from the mother nature. Used organic jasmine extract, aloe and orange water to regulate skin with higher water retension. Combined with Dermotenseur™ to smooth and tighten skin. Macadamia oil and hydrolyzed jojoba oil leave the skin with silky touch. Calendula, lavender and Pro-vitamin B5 to repair and soothe skin. After wash, you will be infused with elegant scent and have a smooth, moistureizd and tightened skin.


Ingredient Function
 Aloe Vera Moisturize
Lavender Calm skin. 
Calendula Extract  Brightening skin.

How to use

Apply a desire amount on damp skin. Recommend to use it with a shower sponge. Gently massage on skin and rinse off.

Skin Type

All skin type.