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Scalp Supremely Soothing Serum

95% Natural formula
Relieve dryness and itchiness while promoting a healthy scalp

A daily leave-in treatment that boosts volume by stimulating the scalp and lifting the roots.
A soothing formula designed to calm irritation, relief from red, irritated scalps and prevent dandruff and stop flaking
Formulated with plant-based biotechnology, the soothing serum leaves the hair feeling nourished and while helping to soothe the scalp

Product Details

The effective formula is designed to calm and sooth the scalp.  The serum is enriched with six plant-drived agents, leaving scalp rebalanced and heathy.

Calm the scalp
Rebalance with plant extract, a soothing leave-on treatment to help relieve dandruff and scalp itching, leaving the scalp fresh.

Reveal a healthy scalp
Nourish the scalp and promote circulation for healthy hair follicles and scalp

Prevent and relieve symptoms caused by scalp conditions
Provide moisture balance to dry, itchy scalp while restoring its physiological balance and helping to eliminate discomfort


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Help to maintain the pH level of the scalp and hair and keep the hair moisturized and promotes hair growth

Cleome gynandra Leaf
Balance sebum secretion and restore genuine freshness without leaving hair greasy

Onopordum acanthium flower/leaf/stem extract
Promote a healthy scalp while deeply nourishing and restoring hair's moisture balance


How to use

Apply directly to the scalp after washing and towel drying hair
Gently massage the serum with the tips of your fingers to evenly distribute the serum over the whole scalp.
Leave-on treatment: Rinse free formula
Perfect for pairing with Fees Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, this formula will leave your scalp soothed. .

Skin Type

For all hair types.
Highly recommended to oily hair.