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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Revitalize hair follicles and increase hair volume

Advanced volumizing therapy treatment for thinning hair
Strengthen hair roots and stimulate thickness without compromising the health and condition of hair

Product Details

A sulfate-free cleanser containing 66% natural ingredients that build volume, improve scalp health and overall appearance of fine, thin hair.  Botanical extracts stimulate and fortifies hair follicles, and invigorate for preventing hair loss.

Reveal a healthy scalp
Nourish the scalp and promote circulation for healthy hair follicles

Regulates the health of the scalp ecosystem
Strengthen the protective mechanism of the scalp, provide necessary nutrients for hair growth

Maintain the hair’s vitality
Make hair stronger and healthier and leave your hair feeling renewed and revitalized


Butyl Advocate
Strengthens the degreasing effect and oil control, regulates sebum production in the scalp 

Fagus sylvatica extract
Help strengthen hair and revitalize scalp

How to use

1. Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand.
2. Work the shampoo into a light lather with some water.
3. Gently apply to wet hair and use your fingertips to massage into the scalp.
4. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Skin Type

For all hair types
Recommended for thin and fragile hair types