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Tips to take care of your baby's skin

Baby Care 2018-06-27

Do you know a baby's skin thickness is 1/3 thinner as compared to your skin? Your baby's skin is very soft and you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Here are useful and easy 3-steps to take good care of your baby's skin.


1. Gentle cleansing with a soap-free baby wash

Bathe your baby with a gentle soap-free baby wash which doesn’t remove the natural oils that protect baby's skin. Rinse each part of your baby in turn, gently sponging off any visible flakes of skin.

Be sure to check behind her ears, between her fingers and toes, under her arms, and in the folds of her neck and thighs, where debris often collects.

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2. Deep nourishment with an oil massage

Massage gently with a natural ingredient-based baby oil to soothe and improve baby’s skin wellness.  A gentle massage will calm and soothe your baby while a natural oils will relax baby's tummy and help to promote healthy digestion. A regular massaging significantly reduce skin dryness and improve skin softness and glow.

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3. Seal in the moisture with a body lotion

The prime time for moisturizing your baby's skin is within five minutes of getting out of the shower. Pat your baby lightly damp and then begin slathering moisturizer. Baby lotions help soothe and moisturize baby's dry skin.  Choose lotions that are free from things like phthalates parabens or petrolatum to keep baby safe.  If your baby's skin is dry, or if he has nappy rash, you might want to apply a mild lotion like white soft paraffin, or zinc and castor oil.

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