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Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Baby Care 2020-05-15


During the height of mosquito season, people will try practically anything to keep mosquitoes away as they are always a menace. It can be annoyed for their signature buzz and the painful burning bites. They are also carriers of some of the most deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever. Beat the bugs and make sure your kids and you are safe from bug bites, you may apply bug spray to your baby's delicate skin and what you need is the best mosquito repellent you can trust to be safe for your kids.

How to apply insect repellent?

First, follow all of the instructions on the product label. When outdoors during daytime, put sunscreen on first, then insect repellent. Apply spray forms of repellent on you and your child's clothes and exposed skin while outdoors. Remember to protect your faces from bites by putting repellent in your hands and then carefully rubbing it on, rather than spraying directly. Do not apply repellent to young children's hands because they often put them in their mouths or eyes. Also avoid using it over cuts, other wounds, and irritated skin. Check the label to know when to reapply if you'll be outside for several hours. Use soap and water to wash the repellent off your child's skin when you go inside for the day. Wash clothes that have been sprayed before wearing them again.



Things to remember when applying bug repellent

Don't let bugs stop you from being outside and here are some things we would like to remind you

• Always follow the instructions for application of bug repellent.

• Re-apply it as the instructions suggested.

• Use just enough to cover and only for as long as needed; heavier doses don’t work better

• Don't apply repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.

• When applying to your face, spray first on your hands, then rub in, avoiding your eyes and mouth, and using sparingly around ears.

• Most repellents do not protect against stinging bugs such as wasps, bees, or fire ants.

• Kids shouldn't apply bug repellent themselves

• Wash your hands after application.

• Don't spray repellent inside or near food.


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